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Welcome to ITOS

 During last few years, IT Online Services (ITOS) has supplied high-class
technologies and services to many
customers in the region to enable
them to run Mission-Critical applications from core systems to multichannel


After Sales Service was a major concern to all customers, ITOS has
managed to keep all those customers
satisfied and content through
Service-Level Agreements on a 24 x 7 service coverage basis.

ITOS Support

Enterprise support does not require enterprise prices. It only requires a trusted team of professionals dedicated to the success of your business. Every day ITOS Support's professional services are relied upon to implement complicated solutions, maintain their multi-vendor environments, and to be there when disaster strikes.

Welcome To ITOS

Today's networks are about much more than "moving packets".
The network has evolved far beyond simply providing traditional connectivity services, and now is relied upon to enable an ever-expanding range of services to support changing business needs. Everything is computerized any fault might destroy your business any delay might destroy your business.


The complexity of Microsoft products grows with every release. As your business challenges grow, Microsoft has to keep up with your demands if they want to stay in the enterprise. Migration from one platform to another is difficult, and migrating from one version of Exchanges no easy task either. When the integrity of the data center is on the line, you can rely on the experience of ITOS Support's MCSE to help you achieve success


Do you know who is on your network right now?
Do you know what they're doing?
Do you know what this could mean to you or your business?
The facts and figures about datacenter intrusions are staggering. The headlines in the newspapers are public, frightening, and can ruin businesses and careers. This is why ITOS Support has the consultants to perform security audits, and recommend and install best-of-breed products. Call us today so you won’t be a headline tomorrow.