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Large Enterprise


Today's enterprise networks are in transition. Business needs demand ever more powerful, reliable, secure and scalable networks that can lead to increased profitability and accelerated business success. Across the network new mission critical applications are being deployed to increase employee  productivity and decrease operating costs. For today's Enterprise customer, gaining a true competitive advantage from their network requires that enterprises reduce network complexity and bottlenecks, while providing better application
and network response time.

Data Networking provides the speed, performance, and flexibility required for today's enterprise networks.


Mobility Solutions can make your company more productive anytime, anywhere with any device. Your office anywhere solution: Improve your customer service by reach thing your experts wherever they are at any time. Campus Mobile Worker Solution: you can keep your corridor warrior employees reachable and give them access to the tools they need to do their job anytime, anywhere
indoors or outdoors.

Teleworker/Road Warrior Solution: Increase productivity and efficiency for your company by giving your home-based teleworkers and road warriors secure and reliable access to your corporate applications.


Boost your competitive advantage. Multimedia Communications solutions drive powerful, new communication applications that boost your competitive advantage, rewarding you with a more productive workforce, greater customer satisfaction...all based on a highly reliable and secure, converged infrastructure.


We secure communications, information and applications anywhere, anytime

Secure Information Access Solution
ITOS's Secure Information Access solution provides protection of information from threats such as virus, worms, hackers, etc. as well as ensures that authorized users can access information anywhere, anytime regardless of device.

Secure Multimedia Solution
ITOS's Secure Multimedia solution secures the advanced multimedia services enabling people to securely communicate, share information, and collaborate with each other.

Secure Network Access Solution
ITOS's Secure Network Access solution provides endpoint security and policy compliance. It is designed to inspect, assess, ensure compliance to security policy and remediate at the network endpoint source prior to granting network
access (whether it be to the LAN, wireless LAN, and/or VPN service).

Secure Wireless LAN Solution
ITOS's Secure WLAN solution secures information while enabling wireless access for campus and remote users.

Security Services
ITOS Security Services, providing you with a flexibility of options  that enable you to reduce operational and capital costs, reduce  your risk and release your resources to enable you better efficiency.

Medium and Small business

Data Network
Do your employees need to share business applications, printers, modems, Router and fax machines? Are you looking for affordable ways to deliver more bandwidth to each user?

Are you looking for ways to upgrade without an overhaul?
You probably answered "yes" to at least one of these questions, especially if you installed your data network more than five years ago.
ITOS has solid answers to satisfy your data network needs, including voice service carried over the data network.

Mobility/ Wireless
How can businesses ensure that time and distances do not become barriers to productive collaboration? What's the best way to provide connectivity for employees -- like healthcare professionals, plant supervisors and retail sales associates -- who are often on the move?
Mobility solutions are designed specifically to meet the needs and budgets of small to medium-sized businesses. Wherever your employees must stay in touch throughout a building -- with a full set of voice and data features -- we have the
mobility solution to fit.

Today's business networks need protection from hackers, cyber-thieves and other unauthorized use of network resources. One security breach can cost tens of thousands of Syrian Pounds - even ruin a business. ITOS provides ways to protect your business that are affordable and manageable for any size business regardless of its size.

IP telephony
Project a big-business image to callers. Move your receptionist to other things beyond just directing calls. Be more responsive  and available for customers. With advanced features like automated attendant, voice mail, skills-based routing and desktop messaging, ITOS provides telephony solutions that are affordable and easy to use for any size business.

Service provider

Broadband access is breaking down the boundaries between the providers of communication services and the providers of broadcast entertainment as technological advances enable the delivery of triple-play services -voice, video, and data- to residential and business customers over standard telecommunications infrastructure.
With broadband access solutions from ITOS, service providers can roll out new revenue-generating services while simplifying their networks. ITOS can transform your network and your business by transitioning your narrow band multi-element access network to a broadband multi-service access network, optimized for advanced multimedia, communication and entertainment services.


With services such as internet video, wireless broadband multimedia, residential broadcast TV and video on demand, video is becoming the compelling event that has service providers looking at how to scale and modernize their existing infrastructures to handle the massive increase in bandwidth requirements. With over 350,000 nodes deployed in wire line and wireless networks around the globe, ITOS optical solutions provide the benefits of Ethernet, TDM, and Optical convergence that leverage carrier-grade performance capabilities and enable a success-based network evolution for efficient transport of high speed data and video services.
With applications converging over IP, deployments are quickly migrating away from ATM and TDM network interfaces over to the more cost effective native Ethernet. To address these requirements, ITOS has added innovative Ethernet capabilities into its Optical networking solutions that support any-to-any services over a scalable, easy-to-provision, carrier-grade network. Being the first vendor to commercially deploy an Optical Ethernet solution in a service provider network, ITOS is uniquely positioned to understand and deliver packet-optimized optical solutions for service providers in Syria.


Enabling opportunities for new service revenue, sustainable cost reduction, and flexible network evolution that leverage an industry-proven solutions, products, and services, for service providers.
Voice over IP Infrastructure solutions, products, and services deliver fully-featured, carrier-grade telephony, data, and multimedia services over multi-service packet networks. Our solutions are based on:

  • Carrier-grade, best-in-class products
  • Both traditional and new multimedia services
  • Meeting the needs of local and long distance service providers, wireless, and cable operators.